‘Satoshi’ X account tweets for first time in months, community notes shuts it down

A long-dormant X account allegedly belonging to pseudonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto posted again this week, only to be shot down almost immediately by a community note claiming it “has nothing to do with Bitcoin or it’s [sic] anonymous creator.”

The X (formerly Twitter) account using the @Satoshi handle was created in May 2018 but was quiet for five years between October 2018 and October 2023.

However, on Thursday at 10:34 pm, it rose from the dead to post simply “Hello world,” much to the excitement of many X users. Sadly, any dreams of the post being the work of the real Satoshi were seemingly crushed just an hour later when anonymous user ‘Funny Beech Conebill’ submitted the community note.

It claimed, “Craig S Wright, a person who lied under oath & lies about being Satoshi Nakamoto, reportedly controlled this account at one time.” They added that he supposedly lost control of the account but noted that this was just speculation. 

Andy Rowe, who reportedly shares access to the @Satoshi account and is a supporter of Craig Wright’s Nakamoto claim, was quoted in the note. It was linked to his claim that the account was hacked on January 1, 2024. 

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According to Rowe and the Satoshi account, the account’s hacker sold the account and used X support to regain access before selling it again. On January 16, the account seemingly made Rowe an offer of $100,000 to buy it back while also claiming that Wright purchased it in 2018 from its previous owner. 

Wright says that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, a claim that has led to numerous legal disputes. In one instance, he was accused of forging documents to back his claim. In the UK, he’ll have to prove his supposed identity to a high court judge in a joint court case scheduled for February 5, 2024.

As an amusing side note, many of the responses on X refer to ‘Satashi’ rather than Satoshi, a reference to JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s mispronunciation of the Bitcoin creator’s name in a CNBC interview earlier this week.

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