Craig Wright bounces check in embarrassing lawsuit

Craig Wright, a man who’s been regularly accused of submitting forged documents to courts, has previously filed a lawsuit against a variety of Bitcoin developers to convince institutions he was instrumental in the creation of the world’s foremost crypto.

As part of that lawsuit, he was required to submit a £250,000 payment to the court. However, chief technology officer of Casa, Jameson Lopp, posted on X that Greg Maxwell, one of the developers named in the suit, informed him that Wright’s check had bounced.

This lawsuit centers around Wright’s claim that he controls 1FeexV6bAHb8ybZjqQMjJrcCrHGW9sb6uF, an address containing Bitcoin hacked from Mt. Gox. In the Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit, evidence included an email from Wright in which he attached a picture of a paper wallet that purported to contain the keys to this address.

Wright hoped that this lawsuit would somehow compel these developers to modify Bitcoin and convince enough people to run a new client that would enable Wright’s Tulip Trust to “Provide access and control to TTL of the BTC in the Addresses.” 

There’s no reasonable way for Bitcoin developers to convince enough node operators, miners, and exchanges to run software that would make these changes, and these changes would require a hard fork from the existing Bitcoin.

Perhaps due to Wright’s failure to deliver on previous promises to demonstrate his control of Satoshi assets with a public signing using the keys, he’s relied on the legal system as a cudgel against his disbelievers, including threatening people for hosting the Bitcoin whitepaper.

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nChain, a firm connected to Wright and the inaccurately named ‘Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision,’ recently lost its chief exec Christen Ager-Hanssen. Immediately after his dismissal or resignation, he claimed on X that Wright has been lying and manipulating evidence to keep his numerous lawsuits alive.

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