Former nChain CEO claims Craig Wright is lying about Satoshi

On July 12, Forbes’ Michael del Castillo revealed that Calvin Ayre had 260 staff members working at nChain, a pro-Craig Wright and pro-Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) patent company.

Well, plot twist: its CEO just quit.

Ex-nChain Group CEO Christen Ager-Hanssen now believes Wright is Faketoshi — a liar who tampered with evidence and witnesses to deceive the public regarding his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

Shortly after resigning, he began leaking a series of screenshots and documents, including the claim that Calvin Ayre had an agreement to earn up to 50% of Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin that Craig Wright professes to own.

Ager-Hanssen alerted nChain’s board of directors about an attempt, as he sees it, by a major shareholder to defraud other stakeholders. He also expressed concerns about a party he described as the “ultimate beneficiary shareholder” and the DW Discovery fund, which is registered in the Cayman Islands.

Ager-Hanssen alleges that Wright manipulated documents to make them appear to support his claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. At least one US magistrate judge agrees with that claim, writing, “Craig Wright has produced forged documents in this litigation.”

Ager-Hanssen says Wright has been using forged documents to deceive various courts in which he is currently fighting lawsuits. In some cases, Wright’s arguments depend upon proving that he is the true creator of Bitcoin.

Ager-Hanssen says the nChain board failed to take his recommendations, including a recommendation to fire Wright from his position as chief scientist.

You can’t fire me, I quit!

Ager-Hanssen has been aggressively tweeting various claims against Ayre and Wright over the past week. Many of his tweets contain grammatical and spelling errors and appear to be written by a non-native English speaker. For the record, Ager-Hanssen is Norwegian.

For its part, nChain is fighting back against the barrage. Its board of directors claims that it fired Ager-Hanssen. In its version of the events, on September 27, “Mr. Ager Hanssen conducted himself in a serious and inappropriate manner which prompted the decision to dismiss Mr. Ager-Hanssen with immediate effect. This was communicated to Mr. Ager-Hanssen the same day.”

Indeed, a shakeup has recently occurred in nChain leadership. Nearly half of the previous board of directors quit or were fired amid allegations of ‘shadow directors’ who were steering things behind the scenes — events that were echoed by Ager-Hanssen.

The departures came with a fair amount of turmoil that included an alleged failure to make a payment to TradeWindow. Specifically, nChain had agreed to pay $6.59 million for a 19.99% stake in TradeWindow. However, TradeWindow alleges that nChain failed to make its first payment and is currently pursuing legal action.

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New claims by Ager-Hanssen by the hour

Ex-nChain Group CEO Christen Ager-Hanssen has moved beyond being disgruntled into rage. Indeed, he’s tweeting new, vitriolic claims about Wright multiple times per day.

  • For example, Ager-Hanssen promised to cut straight into Wright’s personal life and publish an email from Ayre discussing a deal with Wright’s ex-wife Lynn.
  • As another example, Ager-Hanssen says Ayre has been tampering with witnesses involved in Wright’s cases.
  • Yet another example: Ager-Hanssen claims that Wright controls and manipulates the X (formerly Twitter) handle @satoshi.
  • Ager-Hanssen believes that Wright is likely to lose in court. Historically, Ayre has made the opposite prediction and supported Wright financially. Yet Ager-Hanssen has a claim about that, too: he claims that Ayre is going to stop paying for Wright’s legal fees.

Craig Wright has many critics and believers that he is Faketoshi outnumber those who are convinced that he’s satoshi.

Ager-Hanssen is just the latest person to flip from Ayre’s side.

Onlookers now get to consider new evidence — and many extraordinary claims — from Wright’s newest fan-turned-critic.

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