Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto, judge rules

A UK judge has ruled that Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto, bringing to a close a six-week High Court battle between Wright and the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA).

Wright has been engaged in a years-long legal and media battle to convince folks that he is the creator of Bitcoin, originally stemming from claims made to the Australian Tax Office in 2013 that he controlled in excess of 1 million bitcoins. 

More recently, COPA, backed by major crypto firms, including Kraken, Block, Coinbase, and MicroStrategy, filed a suit against Wright in the United Kingdom.

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The conclusion of this trial will presumably make it harder for Wright to advance his numerous other lawsuits around the world. These include one filed against Coinbase, Block, and Bitcoin developers, in which Wright claims he has ‘database rights to the Bitcoin blockchain, and a suit against Kraken and Coinbase in which he claims that they need to describe Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) as ‘Bitcoin.’

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