Do Kwon reverses Montenegro’s extradition decision… for now

Terra founder Do Kwon has successfully appealed his extradition from Montenegro to the US or South Korea due to “significant violations” of criminal procedure from the Podgorica High Court.

The court approved Kwon’s extradition on November 24, so long as he first served the remainder of his four-month prison sentence.

Today’s announcement states Montenegro’s appeal court rejected this decision on December 14 after a successful appeal from Do Kwon’s legal team. 

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According to translated court documents, the High Court judge failed to hear Do Kwon about extradition to the US, only hearing him with regards to South Korea’s request.

Because of unclear reasoning and a lack of decisive facts regarding the legal prerequisites for extradition, the decision was annulled. As a result, the case has returned to the basic court for retrial.

Do Kwon still faces the possibility of extradition.

According to anonymous sources who spoke to the Wall Street Journal, justice officials from Montenegro have said in private that they plan to extradite Do Kwon to the US instead of South Korea.

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