Do Kwon granted extradition, but to US or South Korea?

Montenegro has approved Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon’s extradition to either the US or South Korea, according to Podgorica’s high court.

In a statement posted on Friday morning, Do Kwon’s legal requirements for extradition were found to have been met in both countries. However, Kwon must still serve four months in Montenegro prison for document forgery before he can face charges in South Korea or the US.

Two weeks ago, Do Kwon’s appeal against this four-month prison sentence was rejected by the Podgorica high court.

It remains unclear which country will win their bid for Kwon. However, the Terraform Labs founder seems to prefer facing criminal charges levied against him in his home country, South Korea.

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The Podgorica high court noted, “the defendent gave his consent to be extradited to the competent authorities of the Republic of South Korea under a shortened procedure, however, the Podgorica High Court found that it should still be decided.”

The statement continued to explain that since multiple countries have requested Do Kwon’s extradition, the decision doesn’t lie with him but with the Minister of Justice of Montenegro. This decision will be made through ascertaining which country has “priority.”

As many readers will recall, Do Kwon was accused of defrauding investors on a massive scale when the Terra/Luna ecosystem spectacularly crashed last year.

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