Andrew Tate brags he made millions on PancakeSwap, disses meme coins

Controversial internet personality and self-described misogynist Andrew Tate claims he made $85 million on Binance-supported, so-called decentralized exchange PancakeSwap.

Tate, who currently faces — and denies — charges of rape, sexual assault, and human trafficking in Romania and the UK, didn’t provide any dates, coin prices, or wallet addresses to allow researchers to investigate his claim. This has, understandably led many to doubt that he could have made so much money on such a relatively obscure exchange.

However, as usual, the truth of his claims barely mattered as he quickly parlayed that incredible PancakeSwap claim into a promotional advertisement for his $49/month Discord group. There, he boasted, customers can learn about future pumps and dumps.

They can also apparently pay for more Discord access, including a multi-thousand-dollar upsell payable in chargeback-proof bitcoin.

Yes, Tate has openly advertised early access to pumps and dumps. Throughout his colorful media career, he has promoted many sketchy crypto assets outright.

Tate says meme coins won’t lead the next bull run.

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Andrew Tate says meme coins aren’t the crypto meta

In addition to claiming multi-million dollar profits to advertise his paid Discord server, Tate also claimed that the current bull run is not the current bull run.

Despite overwhelming evidence that meme coins are the current meta in crypto and outperforming every other category, Tate disagrees. Instead, he says that meme coins must surrender leadership to “genuinely technological useful or innovating blockchain coins.”

Like it or not, meme coins are definitely the current meta in crypto. Per Google Trends, search interest in meme coins has increased at least 600% in the last month and 50,000% in 12 months. The leading meme coin PEPE has rallied 4 million percent within 12 months. Solana’s blockchain went offline this week because so many users were launching meme coins and larger meme coins like DOGE, SHIB, and FLOKI have more than doubled.

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Tate, ignoring this evidence, claims that crypto’s next bull run will be different from the last one, which apparently had DeFi as its trendy meta. He asked his followers to guess at new blockchain innovations.

Even with criminal charges still pending, Tate is still claiming to be a trusted crypto expert. Indeed, not only does he claim to know more than Google about the fastest-growing topic in crypto, he claims that he made $85 million on Binance’s PancakeSwap.

Of course, PancakeSwap’s token is now down 91% from its all-time high. Tate’s trophy DEX has also lost $5.7 billion from its once-$7.8 billion ecosystem.

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