Tucker Carlson mocks SBF during unhinged Andrew Tate interview

Right-wing TV host and bow tie enthusiast Tucker Carlson says that controversial TikTok star Andrew Tate would have been branded a “hero” if he’d abandoned his social media-based endeavors and instead launched a fraudulent FTX-themed crypto or perpetrated a “massive financial crime.”

The comments — a clear dig at disgraced former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried — came during an episode of Carlson’s Tucker on Twitter chat show on Wednesday. During the episode, Carlson and the disgraced former kickboxer discussed topics including Tate’s time in a Romanian jail, his conversion to Islam, and, predictably, ‘The Matrix.’

During the sometimes-unhinged two-and-a-half-hour upload, he also compared himself to men who died on the Titanic and described how he requested a woman outside the jail play him Is This Love by Whitesnake from her car.

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However, the controversial comments didn’t come from Tate alone. When delving into allegations of human trafficking against Tate and his alleged use of TikTok, Carlson said:

“Wouldn’t it just have been easier to commit a massive financial crime and defraud people of billions? Come up with a fake cryptocurrency, call it like, I don’t know, FTX? Or just give a name to it? Steal billions. Get your parents involved and buy a bunch of real estate in the Bahamas, and then like, you’d be sort of a hero, right?”

Tate responded, “I would certainly have a lot more money than with TikTok. I don’t know if TikTok even pays you for views, and if it does, I never got a single transaction from it.”

He also claims that had he been accused of a financial crime rather than human trafficking, rape, and organized crime, he would have been viewed in a much more favorable light.

Tate, his brother Tristan, and two other associates were arrested in December 2022 after a call was made to the US embassy in Romania, reporting that two women had been forced to create content for TikTok and OnlyFans. Tate has denied the claims.

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