Andrew Tate says he doesn’t endorse shitcoins but he definitely did

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On Monday, Andrew Tate, the infamous former kickboxing champion who is now facing charges in Romania for money laundering, organized crime, and human trafficking, tweeted a ticker for a crypto token that launched just 15 minutes later. In depressingly predictable fashion, it pumped.

The token, which boasted the ticker ‘SLUTS,’ has since shed 99% of its value and now has a market cap of up to $140,000. Tate denied that he’d pumped this coin and claimed that he was only joking.

Obviously wanting to make his ‘no-shitcoin’ stance clear, Tate tweeted again, this time a video saying he doesn’t endorse them and never will. And, just in case we missed that, he sent out another reminder today.

However, despite his vehement protests, there’s no escaping the fact that, back in 2021, he heavily hyped a dog meme token called Floki Inu.

An investigation by Altverse uploaded to YouTube shows that Tate promoted Floki heavily in late 2021. He tweeted that he’d bought $100,000 of Floki and then replied to his own tweet by saying, “Lets (sic) go Vikings, unlimited money awaits us in Valhalla.”

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In a video uploaded to YouTube on May 18 last year, Tate said that, once his Hustler’s University grows to 25,000 people, he’ll start using his students to manipulate markets and pump and dump coins. He claimed that the SEC wouldn’t be able to do anything about it because he lives in Romania.

In his career as a podcaster and influencer, Tate has earned tens of millions of Euros in bitcoin and Ethereum in payments for his “Hustlers University.” He also has a history of promoting bitcoin and ethereum and is well-integrated into the online crypto space.

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