Andrew Tate may recover 21 seized bitcoin now worth 88% more

Self-proclaimed misogynist and suspected human trafficker Andrew Tate has secured a minor win in Romanian court, opening the door for him to recover $10 million in assets — including 21 bitcoin confiscated by authorities last year.

On Monday, court documents revealed that the Bucharest Court of Appeals accepted Tate’s request to reassess the seizures, made in January and February 2023. An earlier request was denied.

This latest ruling means that the court must make a new decision on the $10 million in assets, which include luxury cars, property, and designer watches.

The 21 bitcoin included in the seized assets belong to both Tate and his brother, Tristan. Together with two Romanian women, the pair are accused of human trafficking, rape, and creating a criminal gang to sexually exploit women. The four vehemently deny the charges.

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Since the 21 bitcoin was seized by authorities in February 2023, its value has nearly doubled. Bitcoin has surged in price over the past few months, meaning that the seized digital assets have appreciated by 88% — from $560,000 to $980,000 at press time.

If Tate’s lawyers are successful in their appeal, authorities will have effectively acted as a highly secure wallet for his bitcoin to appreciate in. The influencer remains free but confined within Romania, periodically visited by police, while a court trial remains pending.

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