Do Kwon escapes extradition yet again, goes to migrant centre

In what is beginning to resemble a legal Schrödinger’s Cat, Do Kwon has once again had his extradition paused and is being held at an illegal migrant center.

Do was set to be extradited to South Korea and the US, and was scheduled to be shipped from Montenegro shortly.

According to Montenegrin media, the extradition stoppage is due to legal wrangling between numerous legal departments within the government. Do’s lawyers have already had their appeals denied and he has had his travel documents confiscated so that he cannot leave Montenegro pending a decision on his extradition.

This weekend footage of Do was posted on X (formerly Twitter), where the cryptocurrency founder appeared thinner and in baggy clothes, led by a cadre of police officers after being interrogated.

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Do Kwon is both Extradited and Not-Extradited

Do, who was apprehended a year ago in Montenegro after trying to use a fake passport, has been out on bail in the Eastern European country as he awaits extradition to either the Republic of Korea or the United States. While it’s looking more likely that he’ll be returned to South Korea, the constant problems and legal disputes have kept any real outcome up in the air.

The founder of algorithmic stablecoin and Ponzi scheme Luna/Terra went on the run shortly after Interpol issued a red notice for him in 2022. He fled from Singapore and found his way into Montenegro from Serbia, clearly hoping to somehow outrun the authorities. Unfortunately, when he flashed falsified Costa Rican and Belgian passports to authorities he was taken into custody.

It’s unclear when or if Do will be extradited, but Protos will keep you updated.

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