It’s official, Do Kwon is off to South Korea

Montenegro will reportedly extradite Do Kwon to South Korea. The country’s appellate court announced today that it has rejected both Kwon’s appeal and the United States’ claim for extradition.  

By rejecting Do Kwon’s appeal, the court has approved the prior decision made by the High Court to extradite Do Kwon to South Korea, which also rejected an extradition request from the US.

The US Justice Department claimed this month it would continue to pursue the extradition.

The appellate court claimed that “the first-instance court had correctly established that the request of the Republic of South Korea arrived earlier in the order of arrival compared to the request of the USA” (Google Translation).

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The court added that it considers “the state prosecutor’s appeal as a statement,” noting that the law does not provide state prosecutors the right to an appeal. 

Today’s news may end a saga of legal back and forth involving Do Kwon’s time in Montenegro prison and his potential extradition. His extradition proceedings started in March 2023 when he was arrested escaping to Dubai. Since then, his extradition has been repeatedly appealed, approved, and appealed again, with its status changing at least seven times since November 2023. 

Do Kwon is wanted on multiple fraud charges relating to the billion-dollar collapse of Terra and Luna that caused the crypto market to crash in May 2022.

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