Crypto rapper Razzlekhan seeks a job — her TikToks are here to help

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Late last week, a Federal court in Washington granted permission for infamous alleged crypto criminal and self-proclaimed “bad bitch” Heather Morgan – aka Razzlekhan – to find herself a job.

Morgan was prohibited from “legitimate employment” after she and her husband, Illya Lichtenstein, were charged in February with conspiring to launder $4.5 billion worth of bitcoin stolen from the Bitfinex currency exchange in 2016.

However, after Morgan asked a judge to change the terms of her pretrial release, she is now free to seek a new role and “receive income of greater than $10,000 per month.”

And luckily, she’s a dab hand at life advice, regularly handing out pearls of wisdom via her TikTok account that might just prove the difference when it comes to persuading would-be employers.

Your best self is always your real self. Razzle Dazzle!

Employers don’t want fakers in their business. And as Razzle points out here, your best self is always your real self, and being yourself is what’s really cool. And what’s cooler than owning a small plastic crocodile?

Delegate, automate, get more ma$$age$

When it comes to being part of – or indeed running – a successful business, getting stuff done is priority number one. Here, Razzle gives us the inside track on her three secrets that any CEO would do well to heed.


There’s no substitute for experience

One of the first things an employer will look for is real-world experience. And who could turn down “da motha fookin crocodile of Wall Street.”

Focus on the stuff that matters, not your hair

“Opportunity cost of time!” screams Razzle in this clip. And after a rambling story about her hair, we’re told not to obsess over anything that isn’t making money or that puts you in a better place.

F**k perfection

Perfection is your enemy. A mirage. Relative. According to Razzle, “it’s important to think about quality and have attention to detail, but you can’t even be perfect so don’t even say being perfect.”

Got a regular keyboard? Your business is doomed

Hey, CEOs, you wanna stay productive? Then forget your processes, hiring a great team, motivation, all that. All you need is a foot massager, a split keyboard, and a huge monitor. Oh, and the rubber crocodile is back.

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Whether or not Razzlekhan’s ‘Razzleisms’ and lifehacks are enough to overturn her reputation as potentially one of the world’s most infamous crypto criminals remains to be seen. And, of course, depending on how things go in court, she may be looking at a few years AFK at least.

But until then, you’ve got to admire her hustle.

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