Razzlekhan: These are ‘Bitcoin launderer’ Heather Morgan’s greatest hits

On Tuesday, the Department of Justice (DoJ) confirmed it had arrested Heather Morgan and her husband in New York City for attempting to launder $4.5 billion in Bitcoin illegally obtained in a 2016 hack of crypto exchange Bitfinex.

Morgan and Ilya ‘Dutch’ Lichtenstein allegedly attempted to launder the money through crypto mixers.

A Manhattan judge has set Lichtenstein’s bail at $5 million and Morgan’s at $3 million.

Overnight, Lichtenstein and his wife have become the topic du jour on social media. Morgan’s extensive and eccentric online footprint has made her the main interest — where she goes by the name Razzlekhan.

“I’m many things,” she raps in her song Versace Bedouin. “A rapper, an economist, a journalist. A writer, a CEO, and a dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty ho.”

Today, her YouTube channel has been made private and her Instagram has been disabled. But here’s what Razzlekhan still has to say online.

‘Always be a goat, not a god damn sheep’

The 2019 music video of her song Versace Bedouin is still available on Vimeo as of press time.

Razzlekhan’s clunky bars say she has the “spirit of a revolutionary” and the “power of a dictator.” She “loves to be contrary” but, thankfully, she is “sly like a gator.”

Razzlekhan’s signature style includes holographic pants, leopard print, fanny packs, and snapbacks.

‘Always judicious, real auspicious’

In a song titled Gilfalicious (GILF being the ‘grandma’ equivalent of MILF), Morgan raps her soul is “already 84” and that she’s “always judicious, real auspicious.”

The song’s Soundcloud description says “there’s nothing more I want to do than cruise around on a rascal scooter picking up young meat, surrounded by an entourage of attractive gay men and small dogs in my golden years.”

‘Nail salons are a trap that scam women’

Morgan took to TikTok to ask if anyone else feels like a dog at the vet when going to the nail salon. “I feel tortured,” she said while showing her hands.

According to NYT, Morgan and her husband rented a downtown NYC apartment worth around $1 million.

‘Lurk and listen’

In 2019, Morgan gave a seminar on how to social engineer your way “into anything.” Photos of the event show her advice includes pretending to be on a phone call to eavesdrop on names at the door of exclusive parties.

The seminar description says she used social engineering to “navigate and infiltrate black markets and shadow economies” in her previous career.

“Lurk and listen” reads one bullet point in Morgan’s powerpoint.

‘The bubble’s gonna pop soon’

Morgan tweeted in December about “sketchy crypto get rich stuff.” Her Twitter profile claims she’s a serial entrepreneur and software as a service (SaaS) investor.

According to New York Times (NYT), Morgan wrote a Forbes article on how to protect your business from fraudsters taking advantage of pandemic-caused chaos. Her working relationship with Forbes ended in September 2021.

Lichtenstein is also prominent on Twitter, often sharing crypto-related opinions. He denounced a New York Magazine article for failing to include “almost nothing about how to secure your keys, send a transaction or get a Defi loan.”

‘Your best self is your real self’

Morgan shares choice life advice on TikTok that she calls ‘Razzleisms.’ She prescribes to wall art quotes like “being yourself is what’s really cool” and “perfectionism is a mirage.”

In a Facebook video, she shares another ‘Razzleism:’ “Delegate, automate, get more ma$$age$.”

‘Juice in my jacket’

When attending a Broadway play, Morgan shared on TikTok how she smuggled in a “Turkish quesadilla,” baklava, juice, nuts, “3 other drinks,” and Turkish delight.

‘Bought a PlayStation’

In a now deleted YouTube video, Razzlekhan says she’s a “bad bitch” and raps “you’re so lame it’s fucking tragic, annoying like vag itch.”

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It’s worth noting the DoJ have not accused the pair of hacking Bitfinex in 2016, but of attempting to launder the stolen Bitcoin — and badly, at that.

The stolen Bitcoin has been widely tracked and blacklisted. The couple had a hard time cashing out, as money laundering through crypto mixers is slow.

Some crypto they had transferred to an exchange was used to buy prepaid debit cards. A $500 card from Walmart “was used to pay for Uber and Hotels.com purchases and to buy a PlayStation” (via NYT).

The couple also used the illicit gains to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs), although it’s not yet clear which ones.

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