Trump considers Elon Musk for crypto post despite ‘never talking crypto’

Bloomberg has reported that Elon Musk has been advising Donald Trump on issues related to cryptocurrency and Trump is considering Musk for an advisory role in a future administration. 

Musk has since taken to X to claim that he is “pretty sure” that he has “never discussed crypto with Trump.”

Musk has tangled with cryptocurrency previously. Tesla famously purchased bitcoin and he has regularly flirted with Dogecoin, even mentioning it in his Saturday Night Live appearance. 

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Trump has flip-flopped on cryptocurrency. He previously claimed that it “seems like a scam,” but now that he’s mastered the art of making profits from his NFT collections, he’s completely on board.

Crypto has become an increasingly important issue in the upcoming United States presidential election with Trump’s recent endorsement and the perception in the industry that Biden is less friendly to its interests than Trump.

The crypto industry’s recent spending on things like the Fairshake PAC has further forced this issue into the political mainstream

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