Donald Trump sells the clothes off his back in latest NFT promotion

Former US president Donald Trump has released a ‘Mugshot Edition’ of his NFT trading cards, with special promotions that include a piece of the suit he wore when the mugshot was taken.

Those willing to purchase 47 of these tokens “in a single transaction” will win a sit-down dinner with Trump at his golf club, Mar-a-Lago. The infamous location also serves as the former president’s supposed classified document horde, according to an indictment for participating in a conspiracy to steal classified documents.

Trump is currently facing multiple felony indictments for his alleged plot to interfere with the peaceful transition of power after losing the 2020 election to current US president Joe Biden.

Buying at least 47 NFTs in one go will also earn you a trading card with Trump’s mugshot and, purportedly, a piece of the suit he was wearing in the photo. This mugshot comes from a state-level indictment in Georgia, related to attempts to pressure officials in Georgia to falsely change the vote count.

Each NFT trading card costs $99 and is “produced” by NFT INT LLC, which clarifies on its website that it licenses the right to use Trump’s likeness from CIC Digital LLC. 

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The collection of 100,000 new tokens is made up of “a curated collection of 47 portraits that celebrate Donald J. Trump’s storied career.” However, previous editions of Trump’s NFT cards have poorly photoshopped Trump onto stock images. The new ‘Mugshot Edition’ images continue a similar dedication to craftsmanship.

These Trump mugshot NFTs also have significant restrictions, with the website warning that they aren’t available for trading until December 31, 2024. 

Trump’s wife, Melania, has previously endorsed her own NFT collections, including at least one that seemed to misuse NASA images. 

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