Sydney Sweeney X account promotes ‘t**s’ and Solana shitcoin in hack

Hollywood actress Sydney Sweeney unwittingly became the face of a little-known shitcoin this weekend, after hackers took control of her X (formerly Twitter) account and told the world, “I have the best t**ts in crypto.”

Sweeney’s smile was turned into a meme after she appeared on YouTube series Hot Ones, in which celebrity guests are interviewed while eating spicy chicken wings. 

Unfortunately, the meme’s popularity brought with it some unwanted attention. On Sunday, hackers gained control of her X account and used it to promote $MILK, a Solana-based altcoin created just days earlier.  

X users can be seen replying to the now-deleted post questioning if it’s real.

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The unknown hacker used the viral image alongside a price chart with a poorly drawn pair of breasts that supposedly mimic the crypto’s price movement. According to one screenshot, the hacked post received at least 4.5 million views, 20,000 likes, and 3,900 reposts.

Accounts promoting the crypto are utilizing Sweeney’s meme in a sexualized manner to pump it. Indeed, one X user called ‘sweeneyonsol’ used an array of fan edits and suggestive phrases centered around milk. At the time of writing, $MILK has a 24-hour trading volume of $2.92 million.

While promotion of the $MILK altcoin continues, the official Sweeney X account has since deleted the hacked post. 

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