Algorand X account hacker brags they’re still in control after ‘taking a nap’

The hacker who took over the X (formerly Twitter) account belonging to Algorand’s CEO is gloating that they were able to take a nap in the 11 hours since the foundation announced it would kick them out. 

Staci Warden’s X account was apparently hacked this morning and subsequently posted a series of irregular comments. A number of changes were also made to the account. 

At 3:23 AM GMT, one hour before its first irregular post, the Algorand Foundation warned users to avoid interacting with the compromised account, saying that “[Algorand] are in the process of recovering it.”

However, despite Algorand appearing to be on top of the situation, 11 hours later the account gloated, “how long is this process,” adding that whoever was responsible “took a nap and I’m still here😭.”

The hacker has so far told onlookers to sell $ALGO and buy $ETH, and has written a parody story in which Warden hands over “full control” of Algorand to Tron founder Justin Sun. It also used a racial slur, described Algorand holders as “poor” and shared some music from Playboi Carti.

Two of the posts shared by the compromised X account.

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The account’s bio was then changed to read, “Exited Algorand Foundation. Drained six figures from my customers and gaslit them into thinking it was a hack. Semi-professional pole dancer — bookings in DMs.”

The hacker is also responding to users on X. When one user asked what was in Warden’s DMs, they responded, a “concerning amount of sexting with @VitalikButerin.” In response to another asking what they should buy, the hacker simply saidHookers and cocaine.”

At the time of writing, the account seems to still be under the hacker’s control.

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