Reform UK candidate tied to ‘crypto Ponzi’ BuddyX fails in election bid

Reform UK candidate David White, who claimed to be the ‘co-founder’ of a scheme later described as a ​​’Dubai-based crypto Ponzi,’ has failed in his bid to win the South Barnsley seat in the UK’s general election.

White failed to become an MP for his constituency after only gaining 11,651 votes. Labour candidate Stephanie Peacock won the constituency with 16,399 votes. White did, however, finish ahead of the other candidates by around 8,000 votes.

The South Barnsley councilor had previously endorsed the BuddyX crypto marketing scheme at a conference in Thailand. He was filmed claiming to be the head of business for the UK and EU and introduced as BuddyX’s co-founder. He also featured in several YouTube videos promoting the project.

Reform UK candidate David White presenting at the ‘Buddy Achievers Conclave,’ conference in August 2023.

Reform UK denies he held any such roles at the BuddyX scheme, claiming, “[BuddyX] paid for him to go present in Thailand… He had zero involvement in management, decision making, or any financials.”

An investigation from Hope Not Hate also discovered that White hadn’t declared this paid BuddyX role to the council, or on the register of interests, as required by the UK’s government Code of Conduct. 

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Multi-level marketing (MLM) reporters BehindMLM described BuddyX as a ‘pump and dump Dubai Ponzi’ scheme and reported its collapse on June 20.

It also report that BuddyX’s founder, Mahesh Sharma, is a ‘serial crypto Ponzi fraudster’ and that he has launched a new Ponzi scheme that is being promoted on BuddyX’s socials. White was pictured sitting next to Sharma at the Buddy Achievers Conclave conference.

Protos has contacted Reform UK and David White to explain why the councilor made these claims for BuddyX.

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