Pudgy Milady deployer issues and dumps new NFTs despite promises

Pudgy Milady, an NFT collection that uses generative AI to mimic the styles of Pudgy Penguins and Milady Maker, was originally supposed to be only 7,777 items, but the collection has started issuing new NFTs to 0x7a97A8A3959a50f834B56ab3CA0aB9BA60433028, which is then selling the newly minted tokens.

This address also holds other NFTs from a variety of low floor price NFTs, many of which take the strategy of mimicking more successful collections, including FatBored which mimics the art style of Bored Apes and Penguin Punks which mimic the art style of CryptoPunks (but with penguins).

The Pudgy Milady collection does not seem to be officially connected to either the Pudgy Penguins collection or the Milady Maker collection; instead, it is just trying to mimic art details from each of those collections. 

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Pudgy Milday is one of the more barebones collections in the NFT community. It lacks a GitHub, an audit, a roadmap, or even a Discord server listed on the website associated with the collection on OpenSea. 

OpenSea announced on X (formerly Twitter) that it had disabled the ability to sell this collection through its platform. Users have reported that competitor Blur has done the same. 

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