Trump resorts to Bitcoin Ordinals to boost failed NFT collection

Donald Trump, the former US president and sexual abuser who has been indicted on felony counts of falsifying business records, mishandling of classified documents, and conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election, has dabbled in NFTs before but is now offering Bitcoin Ordinals as a bonus to save his failing previous collection. 

Trump previously promoted this collection by offering dinners at his golf club or pieces of the suit he was arrested in, but now if you’re one of the first 100 people willing to purchase 100 cards at $99 each using Wrapped Ethereum, then you can receive a “ONE-OF-ONE BITCOIN ORDINAL DIGITAL TRADING CARD.”

NFT INT LLC, the firm that licenses Trump’s likeness for these NFTs, needed to come up with an alternative way to promote the ‘MugShot Edition’ collection because uptake has been slow. The collection was supposed to contain 100,000 cards, but OpenSea shows approximately 48,500, less than half of the total amount

Trump trading card.

Trump used to pay lip service to anti-crypto sentiment, at one point saying Bitcoin “seems like a scam.”

However, more recently, blockchain analysis firm Arkham highlighted a wallet associated with Trump sending approximately $2.4 million in ether to Coinbase, presumably to liquidate his earnings.

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While Trump is able to liquidate his earnings, these MugShot cards cannot currently be liquidated, as they cannot easily be transferred until the end of this year.

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