One in ten crypto holders want next US president to ‘eliminate crypto’

More than a tenth of US crypto holders would favor a presidential candidate who wants to eliminate crypto from the US economy, according to a poll from the Crypto Council for Innovation.

In A Survey of Voters Holding Cryptocurrency Nationwide, released on Tuesday, 11% of the 454 polled said they’d back a presidential candidate who “wants to crack down on cryptocurrency, and work to eliminate it from the American economy, so it can’t be used for fraud or scams.” Conversely, 83% of respondents would prefer a candidate who “wants to write clear rules for cryptocurrency so that investors can continue to have choices.”

Either way, it’s clear that there’s an appetite for getting a handle on digital currencies. Exactly 50% of those polled claimed that it’s either ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ important for “the President and Congress to deal with the issue of cryptocurrency.”

Twenty-eight percent said it’s ‘somewhat’ important, while 22% either don’t think it’s important at all or are unsure.

More than 50% of respondents said they want to see Trump return as president over Joe Biden.

Trump is the crypto holder’s president of choice

The poll also suggests that US crypto holders are more likely to favor a Democratic candidate for Congress, but would prefer to see former Republican president Donald Trump over current incumbent Joe Biden taking the White House reins in 2024.

Indeed, fifty-one percent of voters would apparently plump for Trump, while just 41% said they’d lend their support to Biden.

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Despite Trump previously running cold on crypto, even going as far as to label Bitcoin “a scam against the dollar,” he and his inner circle have nevertheless endorsed a range of dubious crypto projects, including Melania Trump’s NFT collection, a range of Trump trading cards, and the controversial F*** Joe Biden project.

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