Mysterious ‘Satoshi’ X account returns to shill two shitcoins

A previously inactive X account allegedly belonging to pseudonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto listed various cryptocurrencies on Sunday, following a supposed ownership mix-up.

The X (formerly Twitter) account with the @Satoshi handle was created in May 2018. It lay dormant for five years between October 2018 and October 2023 until it posted “Hello world” last week. It was called out by X’s community note system.  

On Sunday, the account posted again, sharing various wallet addresses alongside the hashtags of cryptocurrencies $XRISE and $SATS. 

Most users said that the account was hacked, while others noted that the posts might be a rug pull. One user, however, decided to buy into one of the cryptocurrencies listed by the supposed Satoshi account.

“I do not care: I bought,” they said, before later admitting that they “exited with 70% loss instead, appreciate the tipoff.”

Screenshot taken of the altcoins shared by the @Satoshi account.

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The account’s current owner is unknown at the time of writing. According to Andy Rowe, a supporter of Craig Wright, the account was jointly shared by himself and Wright during its dormancy years.  

However, Rowe says hackers gained access to the account on New Year’s Day. He claims the account was then repeatedly sold to different buyers in an apparent scam where the seller would contact X’s support and regain control of the account while keeping the profits.

The new posts promoting $SATS and $XRISE have since been deleted.

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