Justin Sun’s $28 million trip to nowhere

Justin Sun space

Many people can recall a ‘worst vacation.’ Maybe it was a family road trip that ended up with everybody hating each other, perhaps there was a series of missed flights or even an unexpected breakup en route to an exotic destination. However, none of this compares to what could well be the worst trip ever — a $28 million vacation to nowhere that Justin Sun paid for in 2021.

Tron blockchain founder and serial crypto entrepreneur Sun, who has also paid for lunch with Warren Buffett and to briefly be a representative to the World Trade Organization (WTO) for Grenada, spent $28 million to win an auction giving him first dibs on a trip to space through Blue Origin.

If he’d appeared for the initial launch, he’d have been joined by Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark but apparently, there was a scheduling conflict.

Unfortunately, a simple scheduling conflict is difficult to believe given that Blue Origin has accomplished six crewed missions to suborbital space in total — none of which had Sun onboard.

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Normal no-show behavior from Justin Sun

Sun also pushed his multi-million dollar, auction-won lunch with Warren Buffett back multiple times before finally meeting the billionaire. The entrepreneur claimed that he was suffering from kidney stones and was unable to travel.

The reluctance to take his already-paid-for trip into space is harder to quantify.

Sun has seemingly shut down most of his connections with the US mainland and has refused to appear for six Blue Origin launches. Coincidentally, he’s also in the midst of numerous lawsuits and court cases, with an SEC trial set to begin soon and a slew of civil suits, some of which have been settled.

It’s unclear if Justin Sun has lost the will to travel into space or has decided against ever setting foot in America again. Protos reached out to both Blue Origin and Sun for comment and have not heard back.

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