Do Kwon extradition reversed yet again in Supreme Court ruling

Do Kwon’s extradition to South Korea has been revoked by Montengero’s Supreme Court, sending the case back to the High Court to face a re-decision 

Monetengro’s Appellate Court ruled on March 20 that Do Kwon would be extradited to South Korea. However, the Supreme Court intervened on March 22, delaying his extradition and allowing more time to clarify the legality of his case. 

Now, today’s ruling states that the lower courts overstepped their powers. In a translated press release, the Supreme Court stated, “In the specific case, the first-instance court could not make a decision in abbreviated proceedings, and especially could not make a decision on extradition, by which it allows or refuses extradition, which is decided by the Minister of Justice.”

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It said the first instance court should determine if the legal conditions for extradition, in relation to each petitioning country, have been met and only then, “the competent minister, not the court, decides on the permission and order of priority of extradition.”

As a result, Do Kwon’s extradition case has been returned to the court of first instance, the High Court in Podgorica, for re-decision, continuing a back-and-forth legal battle to extradite the disgraced crypto mogul. 

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