Do Kwon extradition approved again, US looking likely

Do Kwon is reportedly likely to be sent to the US after Montenegro’s High Court once again approved his extradition and passed the final decision to the country’s Minister of Justice.

Last week, Montenegro’s Supreme Court reversed Do Kwon’s previous extradition rulings. In doing so, the court sent the decision back to the High Court where Yonhap News Agency reports the latest approval took place yesterday. 

Now Minister of Justice, Andrej Milovic, is to decide if Do Kwon will be extradited to the US or South Korea. In a television interview last November, Milovic reportedly said deciding if Do Kwon will go to the US or South Korea will be a political decision

While not revealing which country he would prefer, he did say, “The US is our main foreign policy partner. We want to sign a bilateral extradition agreement as soon as possible, to create a legal framework for future extraditions.”

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The High Court initially ruled that Do Kwon would be sent to South Korea. However, the Supreme Court stated it had overstepped its legal powers

The Supreme Court said, “In the specific case, the first-instance court could not make a decision in abbreviated proceedings, and especially could not make a decision on extradition, by which it allows or refuses extradition, which is decided by the Minister of Justice.”

Do Kwon can reportedly appeal yesterday’s decision within the next three days. It’s worth noting that his previous appeal before the Supreme Court overruling was rejected.

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