Crypto community wants to fund Julian Assange’s jet expenses

Crypto enthusiasts want to fund the cost of Julian Assange’s private jet after his wife Stella shared an ‘emergency’ appeal to cover the plane’s half a million debts.

Stella Assange claimed that her husband will owe the Australian government US$520,000 for the charter flight to Saipan and then Australia, and has made the urgent appeal, sharing a link to a Crowdfunder.

She explained, “He was not permitted to fly commercial airlines or routes to Saipan and onward to Australia. Any contribution big or small is much appreciated.”

However, crypto enthusiasts weren’t satisfied with the fiat-only funding and began suggesting crypto-friendlier options

“Please find a way to accept crypto donations — I have no doubt some capable and trustworthy devs will help you set it up!” one user said. Another claimed, “Set up crypto donations. It will be reached in 10 minutes.” 

One user suggested that a Solana wallet should be set up instead while someone, rather unseriously, hinted that a meme token could be created. “Hear me out, $ASSANGE,” the post read.

Assange was freed today after years of fighting his extradition to the US. His charter flight is taking him to Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands where he is expected to plead guilty to one count of espionage. In an odd turn of events, Assange also seems to be using the same private jet used by Taylor Swift on a recent flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles.

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The Wikileaks co-founder has relied on the AssangeDAO to raise over 16,500 ETH worth $55.2 million at today’s prices through the sale of ‘Justice’ tokens. Silke Noa, a member of the AssangeDAO, said $37 million of these funds have been used for his “legal defense and publicity activities.”

Stella Assange’s fund has raised £50,734 ($64,291) at the time of publication.

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