UK crypto traders could face £900 fine if they don’t file taxes this month

The UK’s tax authority has issued crypto traders a polite reminder that they face a fine of up to £900 ($1,146) if they fail to submit a self-assessment tax return detailing their trades.

In its reminder, His Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) reiterated that taxes are due when traders receive crypto from employment, either as part of a trade or via income from crypto-related activities.

It also details how traders may be obliged to pay tax when they sell their crypto for fiat, swap it for other cryptos, or gift it.

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Traders have until January 31 to file their returns and failure to do so could see them incur an immediate £100 ($130) fine. However, if they fail to comply within a further three months, they could incur daily fines of £10 ($13) up to a maximum of £900, and even lose 5% of the amount owed or £300 ($380), whichever is the greater.

HMRC’s director general for customer services Myrtle Lloyd said, “People sometimes forget that information about crypto-related income and gains need to be included in their tax return. Some people affected may not have had to do a tax return before, so it is important people check.

“With the Self Assessment deadline just a matter of weeks away, I am urging people not to put off completing it.”

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