FTX influencer ghosts lawyers, gets served on Twitter

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Another influencer has been served in a high-profile lawsuit for promoting now-defunct crypto exchange FTX without proper disclosures — this time on Twitter.

YouTuber Tom Nash was tagged in a post by Moskowitz Law Firm on Wednesday, informing him that he had been served. According to lawyers, Nash avoided traditional attempts to communicate the lawsuit, leaving them with no choice but to serve him via electronic bird. He’s the final defendant out of 10 named in the FTX class-action lawsuit, alongside bigwigs Ben Armstrong (a.k.a. BitBoy) and Brian Jung.

“[Tom Nash], per the authorisation of the Court presiding over the pending class action against you in the Southern District of Florida, you have been served,” the tweet read.

On Tuesday, the court issued an order allowing Moskowitz Law Firm to use Twitter to deliver the lawsuit to the YouTuber.

“Nash has an established Internet-based business, utilizes electronic means, including Twitter, as reliable forms of contact; and has publicly acknowledged [a] personal email address,” the order explained.

“Heyyy you’ve been served lmao #justice.”

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The filing said that messages sent to Nash’s known email address didn’t bounce back, suggesting that the YouTuber’s address is active, and that he received the lawsuit but didn’t respond.

Unfortunately for Moskowitz Law Firm, this isn’t the first time that a defendant in this FTX lawsuit has caused trouble. Armstrong allegedly harassed attorney Adam Moskowitz with countless phone calls, tweets, emails, and more.

A court appearance was scheduled for Armstrong to address the allegations — instead of showing up, he posted a topless photo of himself on Twitter and wrote, “I am supposed to be in court today. I’m not. Why? Because I don’t give AF.”

The end of the caption reads “RECKLESSNESS SPONSORED BY STAKE.COM.”

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