Dune Analytics X account hijacked to shill airdrop

The X (formerly Twitter) account of blockchain analysis firm Dune Analytics was hacked last night, posting a fake airdrop scam to its 145,000 followers.

Dune claimed the account was compromised for roughly 90 minutes during which time it posted a fake airdrop that was live for just a quarter of an hour.  

The company’s CEO Fredrik Haga said, “Unknown if the attacker can post or if the account is currently frozen. Be careful, don’t send any money or secrets to @duneanalytics.” 

Dune Analytics then appealed to X support for help and the case was reportedlyescalated internally‘ within the hour. 

The Dune account has since been recovered from the hackers. The company reminded users on X that “there is no Dune airdrop or token currently live or planned.” It’s unclear exactly how the hack was carried out and we have asked Dune Analtyics if it can share any more information on the matter.

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X accounts are vulnerable to SIM-swapping, a technique that involves a victim’s phone number being reassigned to another device allowing a fraudster to reset passwords with confirmation from the newly assigned device. 

Securities and Exchange Commission officials claimed SIM-swapping was to blame when its own X account was hacked in January this year. In this case, the hijacked account was used to announce a fake bitcoin ETF approval.

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