Bitcoin dad’s beef with daughter goes viral after Musk response

Elon Musk has leapt to the defense of a bitcoin-loving 66-year-old dad after he responded to a viral TikTok video in which his daughter claimed he abandoned her at the age of five to become a breakdancer.

Social media influencer Madi Hart shared a video last week in which she described how her father, Ben Hart, became a D-list celebrity after he abandoned her family to “pursue amateur breakdancing” — and “got really good.”

According to Hart, despite finding time to appear on numerous talk shows, and dance with Paula Abdul, her father often forgot her birthday and “wouldn’t pay my medical bills.”

However, she did admit to receiving a number of pieces of breakdancing merchandise from him, including a t-shirt — which she wears in the video — featuring a photo of him in action and his B-Boy name, ‘Benihana.’

Hart’s video describing her ‘funny trauma’ duly went viral, garnering more than 5 million views but her father was apparently not impressed and took to X (formerly Twitter) to post a response. In his video, Ben Hart, dressed in a Bitcoin-patterned shirt, claimed that he didn’t abandon his daughter to become a breakdancer, but simply split up with her mother and moved a mile down the road. He also said that he still visited his kids. 

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Hart, who calls himself a ‘Bitcoin explainer’ and ‘freedom maximalist,’ and posts crypto takes alongside videos of him breakdancing in Bitcoin-related attire, admitted that from the perspective of a five-year-old, it may have been perceived as abandonment. However, he also claimed that he did contribute to his daughter’s medical bills and said, “I paid out about $5 million to my ex-wife to cover costs for her and the kids.” 

While Hart’s video response became just as popular as his daughter’s original clip, also racking up more than 5 million views, it also caught the attention of X owner and prolific tweeter Elon Musk who simply told Hart “You’re Awesome.” Hart thanked Musk, gushing that “#Tesla and #Bitcoin are my two biggest investments.”

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