Ben ‘BitBoy’ Armstrong baits media with dramatic YouTube ‘quit’

Ben Armstrong, formerly BitBoy, has once again proven that a little manufactured drama goes a long way after a video in which he simultaneously claims that he’s leaving crypto YouTube — while also confirming that he’ll continue to upload videos — racked up nearly 80,000 views in a single day.

In the recently uploaded clip, titled ‘I’m Retiring From Crypto YouTube,’ Armstrong claims that he’s probably not going to be doing a crypto livestream anymore. The statement, of course, comes with several caveats.

For starters, given his use of the word ‘probably,’ there’s a chance that he’ll return to do livestreams sometime in the future. But even if he doesn’t, the title of the video is more than a little misleading given that he also clarifies that he’d still be uploading to his YouTube channel. Indeed, toward the end he specifies that he’ll “still have three videos a day, more videos coming.”

During the video, Armstrong appears to be holding back tears as he describes how he’s “paying lawyers $100,000 a month” and that the show costs “$25,000 a week” to produce. It’s unclear if those numbers are accurate, but based on his most recent uploads which take place in a much smaller, poorly lit, closet-like space, his budget has been cut back drastically.

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More of the same from BitBoy

This isn’t the first time Armstrong has ramped up the on-camera drama.

The attention-hungry YouTuber recorded himself last year complaining about being unable to get back the Lamborghini that had been purchased for the company he helped start (but was later fired from). He received $80,000 worth of cryptocurrency donations to pursue a case against the firm.

Later in the year, after a very public affair and divorce, Armstrong took to live-streaming again, this time with his mistress hidden in the back of an SUV, carrying a handgun, and on his way to confront a business associate. He was later arrested and spent the night in county jail.

The social media influencer also bought into a token of his own last year — a coin which has seen its value, trade volume, and interest plummet since it was created.

“You know,” Armstrong says at the end of his most recent video, “the show is really all I have now. I’ve lost everything.”

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