BitBoy arrested and released after tracking Hit Network exec

The ongoing drama between Ben Armstrong (aka BitBoy) and his former team at Hit Network continues to devolve. Incredible claims have been leveled against both sides and now Armstrong has been arrested in Duluth, Georgia.

The influencer claims to have lost everything and had previously reached out to his audience to garner thousands of dollars in donations. His next move was to livestream himself driving to the home of the individual in possession of the Hit Network company Lamborghini that had been confiscated from him.

He was subsequently arrested for arrested for “loitering/prowling” and for “simple assault by placing another in fear.” He was released “after eight hours in the slammer” on a $2,600 bond.

Troubling details

As the stream unfolded, it became increasingly evident that there was someone there with Armstrong, namely a woman he was having an affair with. It was also revealed that he had a loaded firearm in his backseat — illegal unless he happens to have a Georgia weapons carry license.

Armstrong’s online rants also became increasingly loud, and the already out-there accusations got even wilder. They included suggestions that the “Houston Mafia” was involved in the BitBoy_Crypto YouTube channel, and the completely unhinged conspiracy that 85-year-old Maxine Waters had ordered a Fentanyl poisoning of a cryptocurrency influencer.

Unfortunately for Armstrong, during the stream, he appeared to admit to a number of additional crimes, including attempts to extort Ben dot ETH for 300 extra ETH.

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Steroid and diet pill abuse

While Hit Network executives have also alleged that Armstrong suffered from diet pill abuse and “‘roid rage” during his time with them, they also concede that he controls 67% of the company.

This being the case, whether Armstrong can be pushed out of the company he majority controls remains to be seen. However, what is apparent is that the troubled influencer could have some choppy legal waters to navigate first.

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