BitBoy receives over $80K in donations as he complains about his Lambo

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, formerly known as BitBoy, took to social media yesterday numerous times to collect donations via livestream — and has collected over $80,000 from his followers at press time.

Armstrong has been struggling since his YouTube channel and other social media accounts were taken from him by the Hit Network — a company that he helped to found — after he was accused of drug use and a family affair. Unable to use the BitBoy name, the crypto influencer has reinvented himself as Ben.

Claiming to be down on his luck, Armstrong listed three addresses for individuals to donate to: a Bitcoin address, a Cardano address, and an Ethereum address. So far one of the largest donations appears to be an almost 11,000 USDT donation from an anonymous source.

“The fact is I was under duress, I’ve been under duress.” Armstrong said in a livestream yesterday, “like, when people see what they did to me with this Lamborghini, trying to bleed me out, that’s what they’re trying to do.”

Armstrong’s Lamborghini Huracan Performante was confiscated by Hit Network because it was under the company’s name.

Money floods in as BitBoy sits in his mansion

Armstrong took to a YouTube livestream from the comfort of his Georgia mansion, from which viewers could see two large flatscreens, marbled countertops and walls, and expensive leather stools that lined his kitchen.

Meanwhile, he mostly spent the hour and a half livestream talking about supposed death threats, financial shenanigans, and “a citizen conspiracy.”

“I have the receipts for it,” Armstrong said, without showing anything, “they’re literally threatening to kill me.”

BitBoy is back and wants your cash.

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Importantly, the influencer has outright stated that the donations he’s collecting as a “legal fund” will not be returned to individuals who donated.

“We’re gonna be able to keep the legal fund going, as well as, if money keeps coming into these addresses, we’re gonna use it to rebuild back everything.”

It’s worth noting that Armstrong attempted to file a restraining order against Hit Network — it was denied.

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