After years of quiet, Roaring Kitty gets loud

A small-time retail trader named Keith Gill — also known online as Roaring Kitty and DeepFuckingValue — who is famous for helping GameStop become the meme stock of the century around 2021 has reappeared on X (formerly Twitter) after years of silence.

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Gill’s videos and live streams, which often advocated for investors to examine their own financial situation and take profit accordingly, were referenced in front of Congress, where he testified and stated, simply, “I like the stock.”

The influential tweeter made his return on Monday and since then has posted a dozen tweets, all videos, all suggestive memes.

Part of Gill’s testimony pointed out that GameStop retained value in its physical locations. Since then, over 200 locations have closed, according to a website that tracks the closing of GameStop locations.

Judging by Gill’s tweets, it appears as though he’s expressing some disappointment, either with how management has handled GameStop since the run-up in stock price, or how the entire financial system has reacted since the blowup of RobinHood in 2021.

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