Andrew Tate seems confused as he dumps bitcoin to buy GameStop

Andrew Tate claims he’s cashed in a portion of his bitcoin holdings and invested the funds into GameStop following a new wave of hype around the controversial stock. However, he can’t seem to decide on a figure.

Tate initially said he made a $50,000 investment into GameStop before changing this to half a million. He then upped the ante even more, claiming that he’d actually allotted $6 million worth of his crypto to destroy hedge funds.

The hype around GameStop was fuelled by the return of investment-focused social media personality Roaring Kitty, who helped inspire the initial GameStop rally in 2021.

Roaring Kitty has continued to post various memes.

When Kitty posted on X (formerly Twitter) for the first time in three years today, GameStop’s price reportedly doubled. In response, Nasdaq has halted the trading of the stock 18 times today, likely due to the sudden price swings. 

However, these swings apparently haven’t deterred Tate, who claims he’ll hold onto the stock regardless as “PERMA DONATIONS TO THE CAUSE AGAINST THE SYSTEM.” 

The controversial influencer then described the investment as a ‘spiritual battle’ and claimed that it’s about “pissing off some dork somewhere on wall street with a fucking vaccine and a tiny Johnson.”

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Tate still faces legal troubles in a number of court cases, including four women in the UK suing him over alleged rape and assault and the continuation of his human trafficking case in Romania. 

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