UK police officer caught lying about crypto bags banned from force

A UK police officer has been barred from the force after lying about hiding thousands of pounds in crypto and showing a “serious lack of integrity” while claiming to be an amateur investor.  

As reported by the Harborough Mail, when Osama Hussain joined Leicestershire Police in 2022, he claimed to have invested £150 in crypto, downplaying his relationship with an unnamed individual he was trading with. 

In fact, Hussain was actually spending thousands on digital currency and the individual, known as Person A, was later discovered to have conducted transactions worth £4,000 with Hussain.

These discrepancies were missed during the police vetting process during which an officer’s financial investments are scrutinized to determine their risk of vulnerability to financial inducement.

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His secret crypto lifestyle was unearthed after Santander Bank closed his account and the police caught wind of what happened when dealing with his salary. 

Chief Constable Rob Nixon said Hussain knew his crypto trading would have affected his application and “he has maintained the lie in order to cover up his previous activity and relationship with Person A.”

Despite Hussain being barred from the police, Nixon noted that he would have been dismissed without notice had he still been serving.

“His conduct was fundamentally dishonest, demonstrated a serious lack of integrity, was continued, and would seriously undermine public confidence in policing,” said Nixon. 

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