Top South Korean officials follow fugitive Do Kwon to Serbia

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South Korean officials traveled to Serbia earlier this month as they stepped up their pursuit of elusive former Terra chief Do Kwon.

As reported by Bloomberg, the delegation included a member of Seoul’s prosecutors’ office and a senior Justice Ministry official.

It’s thought they traveled to the Balkan state to seek help in catching up to the crypto-boss-turned-fugitive. Kwon has been on the run since the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem imploded in May last year, taking a raft of digital assets and crypto-related organizations with it.

South Korean authorities issued an arrest warrant just four months later but by then, Kwon was already long gone.

Serbia is the perfect place to lie low

In December, multiple reports claimed that Kwon had been spotted in Serbia. And, as previously reported by Protos, that’s a location that makes perfect sense.

Serbia is one of four countries that border Kosovo — which just happens to be one of the only places without representation at Interpol. The organization issued a red notice for Kwon just two weeks after South Korea’s arrest warrant.

Serbia and South Korea have signed no extradition treaty but they have both agreed to the European Convention on Extradition – meaning that Kwon could be handed over by Serbia. Despite this, things could still get complicated.

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Seung Jae-Hyeon, researcher at the Korea Criminal Justice Policy Institute, said in December: “Extraditions need to be mutually beneficial. Serbia is still an unprecedented nation in this regard.

“If there is no incentive for Serbia, South Korea will need to exercise public power to secure extradition. It seems that it will be difficult to extradite [Kwon] in a short period of time.”

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