Taiwan investigates triad members for crypto mine fraud

Suspects in Taiwan believed to be involved in the country’s largest organized crime group are under investigation for allegedly stealing NT$100 million (US$3.2 million) in a promised crypto mine expansion that conned hundreds of investors out of their funds, local media reports. 

The Taipei City Police Department alleges a man surnamed Chang orchestrated the scam with 11 others. Police say Chang is reportedly a member of the Bamboo Union, the largest of Taiwan’s criminal triad gangs that often refer to themselves as “businessmen.”

As reported by Focus Taiwan, police accuse Chang of tricking the owner of a crypto mine into entrusting himself and his group with finding investors for a new, second crypto mine. 

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Chang asked to be paid upfront before setting up a new company under the original owner’s name. He then used the promise of a second crypto mine to raise millions in investor funds before allegedly pocketing the money and failing to build the crypto mine.

Police allege the group downplayed the incident to investors by claiming that the investment had gone wrong and the money was lost. In addition, the group allegedly blackmailed and threatened investors asking for their money back.

The alleged 12 were arrested last year and are now under investigation by Taiwan prosecutors for suspected fraud and violation of the Organized Crime Prevention Act.

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