Sex pest blames underwear perversion on crypto losses

A UK businessman who claimed that “vast” crypto losses were partly to blame for him breaking into a close friend’s house and ejaculating into her underwear drawer, has been sentenced to 30 months in prison.  

As reported by Stoke-on-Trent Live, 44-year-old Ashley Watling, who admitted to having an underwear fetish, entered the woman’s house on two occasions, using keys he’d had cut, to perform the acts.

The victim told the court that when she first discovered the soiled underwear, she confronted her husband. This, she said, caused problems in their relationship.

However, when Watling entered her home for a second time on June 15 this year, she returned from her school run to find him on her stairs. Despite Watling claiming that he wanted to use the toilet and drop off some clothes, the woman went to her underwear and “saw discharge on them.”

She subsequently confronted Watling and he admitted to the whole ordeal. She then secretly recorded a further confession before taking her evidence to the police.

Watling’s lawyer claimed that his bizarre behavior was the result of the “stresses and strains of family life,” which in this case included losing vast amounts of money on crypto along with his boat.

“It is unfortunate that he did this but he acted out of character,” they added. “There is genuine remorse. It would impact on his wife and child if he were sent to custody.”

The victim claimed that the ordeal has left her feeling “paranoid, disgusted, and disrespected.” She also said that she fears being attacked or followed and that the situation has meant that she and her husband have needed to enter counseling.

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Watling told police that issues with his wife and with work made him want to “f*** everything up.” In response to Watling’s defense, the prosecuting judge regarded his “apparent remorse as false.” 

Watling was sentenced to 30 months in jail and received a seven-year sexual harm prevention order that prevents him from contacting the victim. He also pleaded guilty to two burglary charges, as there was no sexual offense currently available to charge him with.

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