Montenegro court set to decide on Do Kwon extradition… again

Do Kwon’s constantly shifting extradition case is being sent back to the Montenegrin High Court where it will be determined whether an extradition policy formed in 1901 between the United States and the Kingdom of Serbia is still applicable. This is according to Montenegrin media.

Montenegro wasn’t a part of the Kingdom of Serbia when the treaty was signed, but later unified with the country in 1918. It’s unclear how international and local Montenegrin law will interpret this more-than-a-century-old legal standard.

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Do Kwon in extradition limbo

Currently on supervised release in Podgorica, the crypto Ponzi schemer who was caught trying to flee to Dubai in March of 2023, is in a constant state of limbo. He’s been sent back and forth between jails, immigrant camps, and random homes in Montenegro, and has seen the decision to extradite him overturned on numerous occasions.

The issue of where he’ll eventually be extradited to has never been resolved.

Hopefully, when the High Court comes to its decision, it will be final, and Do will finally be sent off to be tried in the Republic of Korea or the United States.

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