Joe Biden’s laser eyes more ‘Dark Brandon’ than Bitcoin

A picture of Joe Biden with laser eyes posted to the president’s X (formerly Twitter) account on Sunday led excited Bitcoiners to speculate that the White House was officially going bullish on Bitcoin. However, it turns out the Commander in Chief was just poking fun at an outlandish right-wing conspiracy theory. 

The post, captioned “Just like we drew it up,” was shared by the president shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in Sunday’s showpiece Superbowl game. It appears to be a reference to the Biden campaign’s first TikTok video in which he’s asked if he’s “Deviously plotting to rig the season.” Biden responds, “I’d get in trouble if I told you.” 

The idea that Biden could attempt to rig the game reportedly stems from a theory that Taylor Swift, who supports the Kansas City Chiefs and is dating one of their players, would encourage fans to vote for Biden if he did.

However, some Bitcoin supporters misread the situation, believing the image to have something to do with the famous laser eyes meme that denotes support for bitcoin’s price reaching $100,000

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One excited proponent said, “It appears @BidenHQ @JoeBiden are trying to appropriate our culture,” while another account said, “BREAKING: 🇺🇲 Joe Biden posts laser eye image on X 👀🤯.” Even Tron founder Justin Sun joined in the speculation.

The laser-eyed meme used by Biden is known as ‘Dark Brandon,’ and has a complicated history

Elsewhere in crypto-related Superbowl news, it’s been reported that there were no crypto ads purchased this year and no promos from any issuers of bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds.

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