Irish minister wants X to remove ‘deeply sinister’ crypto scam ads

The legal team for Ireland’s deputy prime minister has demanded that X (formerly Twitter) remove a series of ‘deeply sinister’ crypto scam adverts featuring the prominent politician, Irish media reported today.   

Tánaiste Micheál Martin and his legal team wrote the letter to X outlining major concerns, specifically that vulnerable people will fall for the scam ads and his reputation will be damaged ahead of next year’s general election.

Sources from within Martin’s conservative Christian Fianna Fáil party told the Irish Independent that the crypto adverts on X are ‘outrageous,’ and ‘deeply sinister.’ They claim, “We are taking this very seriously and all options are on the table as far as how we might proceed.” 

Before X, Martin took Google to court over crypto scam ads

Martin previously took Google to court over a series of crypto scam adverts that used his likeness. Martin said he wanted to hold the perpetrators accountable and the High Court sided with him. Google was ordered in December to give up details of the financial accounts paying for the ads.

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Now the scam adverts Martin wants to remove are reportedly appearing regularly on X as paid-for content. The adverts, similar to the ones in the Google case, use the name of the Irish Independent and share a fake article claiming to reveal his secrets about getting rich through crypto. 

One UK victim lost £40,000 ($50,800) to a similar advert scam last year.

Martin’s solicitors have reportedly not heard anything from X after sending the letter but are still considering options on how to address the situation.

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