First prison photo of ‘gangster’ Sam Bankman-Fried revealed

Former FTX chief Sam Bankman-Fried is seen hanging out with former gang members while looking “scruffier than a m*********er,” in the first photo to emerge of the disgraced ex-billionaire since he was imprisoned for wire fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering.

The photo taken on December 17 is said to be the first — and only — picture of Bankman-Fried since he was imprisoned in the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. He is currently waiting to be sentenced on March 28. 

In the photo obtained by journalist Tiffany Fong, a sheepish Bankman-Fried is seen standing in a line with other inmates. He sports a messy hairstyle and an unkept beard and is dressed in beige-toned clothing.

G Lock claimed inmate photos are only taken every Christmas and Father’s Day.

G Lock, the former Bloods gang member seen standing next to Bankman-Fried in the photo, told Fong, “My son Sam Bankman is clean shaven… now he’s scruffier than a m*********er.” He also claimed that Bankman-Fried is “skinny like a toothpick” and that he’s not showering, but stressed that this isn’t due to any prison cliches relating to soap.

At one point, G Lock and the other inmates reportedly sat down together to watch Micheal Lewis’s 60-minute interview with Bankman-Fried and would make fun of him for dating his former girlfriend and former Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison.

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According to G Lock, “Sam is more gangster than (American rapper) Tekashi 69” and that he “didn’t snitch on nobody.” He added, “Mama told you that if he was black he would be a real n***a.”

Fong said, “My intent in posting the photo is not to piss Sam off or make fun of him,” but noted, “This photo exists, and I got my hands on it.” The full interview with G Lock is scheduled for release via Tiffany Fong’s YouTube channel this week.

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