Crypto trading hamster outperforms Bitcoin, Warren Buffett, Cathie Wood

Crypto trading hamster Mr. Goxx is up nearly 30% in three months, while Cathie Wood's ARK Innovation fund has managed less than 5%.

Crypto trading hamster Mr. Goxx is up nearly 30% since they started buying and selling digital assets — outperforming Bitcoin, the S&P 500, and even Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

Mr. Goxx, who livestreams his crypto trading sessions from a high-tech hutch in Germany, started out with the Euro equivalent of $390 in their exchange account on June 12.

Since then, Goxx has managed to grow his overall asset portfolio to an impressive $498.

In fact, Goxx was sitting on $580 on Monday before Bitcoin tumbled, which brought the rest of the crypto market down with it.

At that point, Goxx was up 50% in under three months, while Bitcoin had risen only 41%.

Mr. Goxx is outstripping major indices like the S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100.

This hamster’s portfolio is even dominating Cathie Wood’s flagship fund ARK Innovation (which is up less than 5% since Goxx started trading crypto).

Crypto trading hamster ready to pay tax

We first reported on Goxx in July when he was exactly 30 days into his tenure as Twitch’s first crypto trading hamster.

Speaking to Protos just before markets tanked, Goxx’s business partner explained profits aren’t yet enough to cover the initial investment of the hamster’s cage.

“Mr. Goxx is happy to see that some of his investments finally pay off.”

“Since Mr. Goxx is an honorable business rodent, he must calculate with about 35% tax being subtracted on all his returns, so there is still some work left before he can really talk about making money,” they said.

Goxx’s trading office (attached to his habitat) is hooked up to a computer that allows the hamster to trade crypto.

He selects one of around 30 cryptocurrencies by running in his “intention wheel.” Goxx then travels through one of two decision tunnels.

Goxx’s buy tunnel purchases €20 ($23.60) of the selected crypto. The sell tunnel liquidates the entire position.

The Goxx Box boasts all the necessities for a professional crypto trading hamster.

Despite the randomness of his trading tactics, Goxx has enjoyed some exciting profits this month.

  • $23.60 of Chiliz (CHZ) bought in July sold for $36.44 last Friday (+54%).
  • $23.57 of Pantos (PAN) bought in July sold for $35.33 on Sunday (+50%).
  • $23.79 of Dogecoin (DOGE) bought at the end of July sold for $34.80 last Thursday (+46%).

In some cases (because of the current Goxx Boxx setup), Goxx will buy a cryptocurrency and then immediately sell it, often losing a few cents.

Mr. Goxx is the real ‘diamond hands’

For whatever reason, Goxx has never scuttled through the sell tunnel when TRON (TRX) is selected by his special asset-picking hamster wheel.

In fact, he’s opted into the buy tunnel for TRX on five occasions.

Since his first purchase in June, TRX’s price is up 40%.

This means TRX is currently Goxx’s largest position, followed by Stellar Lumens (XLM), Ether (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC).

As for what Goxx is into lately, the plucky hamster is actually buying the Ethereum dip

Since Tuesday, Goxx has acquired 0.0197703 ETH for the Euro equivalent of $70.74. 

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Unfortunately, Ether has slipped about 9% since then, so Goxx’s ETH is now worth just $64.62.

Although, when a hamster’s portfolio is outperforming both Cathie Wood and Warren Buffett — can Goxx really complain?

Watch Mr. Goxx make a trade and grab a snack! (video courtesy of Mr. Goxx’s Twitch feed).

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