Mr. Goxx is a crypto trading hamster — and he’s only slightly underwater

Looking for a ridiculously cute but totally random way of investing your cash? Meet Mr. Goxx, the world's first Twitch streaming, crypto trading hamster.

Looking for a ridiculously cute but decidedly unscientific way of investing your cash? Meet Mr. Goxx, the world’s first Twitch streaming, crypto trading hamster.

Each night, eager traders looking for a few tips can log in to watch Mr. Goxx randomly buying and selling real cryptocurrency live from his “office” in Germany.

Even if you can’t make it, he’s got you covered: every time he buys or sells one of around 30 cryptocurrencies, a post is pinged to his Reddit and Twitter pages, meaning that you’ll never miss an opportunity to trade like a rodent.

Obviously, and rightly so, each of these posts comes with a disclaimer warning of severe financial losses that could arise from mimicking the pouch-faced Pomp’s trades.

Indeed, Mr. Goxx’ portfolio is trading at a loss. As of Sunday night, he’s down €1.48 ($1.7) on his portfolio, having made a total of 65 trades in his crypto career to-date. 

It might not be Wall Street, but it’s home

  • The wheel and tunnels in his office — or “Goxx Box” — are hooked up to a computer that executes trades depending on his movements.
  • Running on the “intention wheel” selects the cryptocurrency he’s going to trade with.
  • Then going through one of two “decision tunnels” buys or sells the crypto.
The Goxx Box is hooked up to a mini-computer which runs software to facilitate trading

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Speaking to Protos, Mr. Goxx’ human business partner clarified a few details about how the trades work:

“Currently the buy amounts are hard-coded to €20 ($24). Mr. Goxx is able to buy increments by passing the tunnel multiple times without entering the wheel and there is a 20-second cool down time after triggering.

“There are plans to give Mr. Goxx more control and let him intentionally pick his buy amount if the interest in his channel keeps growing.”

Mr Goxx is growing his portfolio and his audience

As of his last stint in the office the rodent holds 11 cryptos including DOGE, LINK, and XLM. Currently, TRX is his largest holding with just over €85 ($100) worth of Justin Sun’s cryptocurrency. 

It’s most likely that Mr. Goxx is completely oblivious to what’s going on. Still, he’s getting good numbers. 

His earliest streams picked up viewers in the double digits but after a bit of press attention, some broadcasts are pulling in thousands.

For now, Goxx Capital is a one-man operation with Mr. Goxx as CEO. But should his luck in the markets improve we could see this crypto hamster become a crypto whale.

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