A new crypto trading hamster is here to close the banks

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Goxx Capital has announced a successor to the late Mr. Goxx, the crypto trading hamster that made headlines the world over.

In July last year, Protos began following the story of the world’s first hamster with a cryptocurrency wallet. By September our data analysis showed, Mr. Goxx was outperforming Bitcoin, Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, Kathy Wood’s Ark Invest, and the S&P 500. The hamster traded small amounts of crypto with his high-tech hutch.

The ensuing reporting catapulted Mr. Goxx and his firm Goxx Capital to worldwide fame, with outlets like BBCNPR, and Fortune relaying the hamster’s success. As a result, thousands started to tune in to his nightly Twitch streams which racked up more than 15,500 followers.

However, Mr Goxx’s human business partners announced his sudden passing two months later. The crypto hamster hedge fund sadly shuttered operations and took a six-month hiatus.

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Now, the crypto hamster project is back and bigger than ever. Since Friday a fresh whiskered trader known as Mr. Goxx Jr. has begun to play the crypto game in a new and upgraded hutch.

“After the dramatic end of the project last year, we needed some time to get over our loss. Since then, we had intense discussions about whether we want to restart the project or not,” a human behind the Goxx Capital project told Protos.

“To me, it was clear that I wanted to have a furry companion in my life again. Thanks to the legacy left, we theoretically had the resources to finish the work on the hamster home of our dreams, which we already started to build.”

High-tech hutch funded by an NFT

In October 2021, the team behind the project launched a non-fungible token (NFT) collection on OpenSea with digitally rendered trading cards featuring moments from Mr. Goxx’s career. 3 ETH ($7,300) was generated from the sale of 19 NFTs which helped to dramatically improve the spec of Goxx Capital HQ.

It should be noted that most of the sales happened in October last year when 1 ETH was worth over $4,000.

The upgraded HQ now spans three storeys and includes a trading floor with an “intention wheel” to select cryptos and “decision tunnels” to action buy or sell orders.

Goxx capital has moved out of its single storey trading floor (via Mr. Goxx)

The new Goxx Capital HQ has:

  • Five individual rooms and a footprint totalling 1.25m² (13.5 ft²).
  • A high-resolution camera mounted to a custom-made motion control rig, which travels up and down the three levels following the hamster.
  • A dressing room where he can select a “disguise,” every time he sniffs a box the corresponding outfit pops up on screen (these can be purchased in a set of Solana based avatar NFTs).

Another new addition is a control room, which features an e-ink display which shows questions from viewers. Four control consoles allow Mr. Goxx Jr. to directly answer questions and “share his wisdom in the chat.”

Mr Goxx Jr. weighs in on Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

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In its previous iteration, the people behind Mr. Goxx made concerted efforts to dissuade anyone from copying random crypto trades made by a hamster. The disclaimers have carried across to version 2.0, and despite the introduction of a new Q&A function, Goxx fans still won’t be able to get financial advice from a rodent.

“In the control room, we developed a custom administration software tool, where we manually check if the questions comply to our content rules. Questions that could get people into trouble get rejected,” said a Goxx Capital representative.

Crypto hamster contends with bear market

According to Goxx Capital, the new protogé is a very active and curious Roborovski dwarf hamster with a decidedly different trading style to his predecessor.

Mr. Goxx Jr. is much more active on the trading floor and has a much bigger pot to play with. His starting balance is over €1000 ($1,053). However, Goxx Jr. is in the red just four days into his trading career.

In that time frame, he made 78 buy orders and 29 sell orders; his predecessor performed just 215 trades throughout his illustrious career. Only now, Mr. Goxx Jr. is embattled in a bear market, with a portfolio down just over 3% at €1.051.61 ($1,107).

His three largest assets on Hodl:

  • 658.592 DogeCoin (DOGE), worth around $80,
  • 750.50885 Tron (TRX), worth around $63 (the first Mr. Goxx was also partial to Tron),
  • and 0.5098284 Aave (AAVE), worth around $62.

In any case, Protos will be watching closely as Mr. Goxx Jr.’s trading strategies emerge amid a crippling crypto downturn. We wish him and his business partners the best of luck.

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