RIP Mr. Goxx, the crypto trading hamster who beat Bitcoin and Warren Buffet

Mr. Goxx, the crypto trading hamster with a portfolio that outperformed Bitcoin, Warren Buffet, the S&P 500, and even Cathie Wood’s ARK Innovation, has sadly passed away.

Max, known professionally as Mr. Goxx, livestreamed his crypto trading sessions on Twitch to over 15,000 followers.

His portfolio grew to an impressive $498 in mid-September. At the time, Mr. Goxx was outstripping major indices like the S&P 500 and NASDAQ — all through a simple set-up involving hamster wheels and tubes.

In September, Mr. Goxx’s portfolio was outperforming Bitcoin, NASDAQ 100, S&P 500, Cathie Wood’s ARK Innovation, Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, and NASDAQ’s bank stock index.

His trading office was hooked up to a computer that submitted buy and sell orders based on his actions. He selected one of 30 coins by running on his ‘intention wheel.’

Depending on which tube Mr. Goxx went through, the computer would either purchase €20 ($22.39) or liquidate the entire position.

The Protos article about Max made headlines across the world, appearing in outlets like the BBC, Business Insider, NPR, and many more.

Rest in peace, Mr. Goxx

According to a Twitter post by the hamster’s owner, Mr. Goxx displayed no signs of illness the days before. He passed peacefully in his sleep.

From the entire newsroom, we send our best wishes to this unique hamster who piqued the curiosity of the world. We also send our condolences to Max’s owner, who made it possible for him to pursue his trading dreams.

Mr. Goxx closed trade on Monday with €98.20 ($110.02) profit, up 19.72% overall. In case you missed it, here are the last three minutes of Mr. Goxx’s last Twitch stream.

Mr. Goxx appears to have spent his entire last trading session resting in his apartment. No doubt, he earned it.

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