YouTuber facing Mario Nawfal lawsuit raises defense fund in a day

Alleged crypto fraudster Mario Nawfal has filed an $11 million lawsuit against a citizen journalist who has accused him of manipulating views on Twitter X and abusing the companies he ran for his own gain. 

YouTuber Upper Echoleon received the defamation suit on Wednesday and has already raised $21,000 to fight Nawfal.   

“The point here is to take a stand for what I believe in, against a person who is abusing the legal system in an attempt to silence criticism by targeting whistleblowers, sources, and reporters. I cannot tolerate that,” Upper Echelon wrote

Nawfal claims that Upper Echelon has defamed him through a series of videos that claim to feature whistleblowers from within Nawfal’s companies revealing evidence of his shady conduct.

  • Nawfal is accused of paying for fake Twitter engagement.
  • He supposedly used one of his incubators to charge others for services as opposed to investing in them as typical startup incubators should while dramatically marking up prices.
  • He’s also alleged to have reneged on a lender guarantee and also refused to return lender principal. 

When Protos covered this story in June, a nameless party issued a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice against the piece which we have since refuted. 

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Nawfal has also threatened legal action against X user ‘HashBastard’ and is suing former contractor Chet Long, who worked as IBC Group’s head of operational security, and former IBC chief marketing officer Frank Heidenrik.

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