Winklevii band Mars Junction on hiatus as Gemini bank loss rumors swirl

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While no formal announcement has been issued, it looks like rock ‘n’ roll cover band Mars Junction, featuring the 41-year-old Winklevoss twins on lead vocals and guitar, is on indefinite hiatus.

The band, which began in mid-2021, has had a rough time of it since it last posted on Twitter in early November — the day before the complete collapse of FTX — advertising the opening of a merch shop.

Merch sales have not been disclosed.

Back then, the twins were flying high after the success of their Gemini crypto exchange, their GUSD stablecoin, and their Earn product. However, they’ve endured a dramatic fall from grace since Mars Junction’s 2022 New England tour that saw them playing inclusive venues like bars in the Hamptons and asking $50 a pop for tickets to see them at “The Talkhouse.”

Do you even know who Mars Junction are?

The billionaires, who were made famous by Armie Hammer’s portrayal of them in The Social Network, have recently found that Gemini will soon be unable to get a bank account with JP Morgan Chase, according to CoinDesk reporting.

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The Winklevii have also found themselves embroiled in a lawsuit with Barry Silbert, facing off against the SEC, and, unfortunately, unable to perform classic rock hits like ‘All The Small Things’ (seizure warning) and ‘Killing In The Name Of.’

The future of cryptocurrency in the US obviously depends on The Twins’ ability to resolve their financial issues with creditors, the SEC, and banks — but the future of rock n’ roll depends on whether or not these two rowers-turned-rock gods can get out from underwater, shut up, and dance (seizure warning).

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Edit 12:55 UTC, Mar 9: Updated headline to reflect the fact that the ending of Gemini’s banking relationship with JP Morgan hasn’t been officially announced.